Ferns are plants that we can see in many houses, because they are easy to grow plants that give an elegant touch to each home.

The terraces and the places where there is indirect light are ideal for ferns, since direct sunlight can burn the leaves. Humid subtropical environments are the type of climate in which they develop best. When they are grown indoors, it is important to have them in a good drainage substrate and near windows.

Tips for growing Boston ferns:

The ideal flowerpot

The ferns will grow according to the container or pot in which they are, for this it is important to choose well the size and type of pot that we will use for our fern.

Many Boston ferns are sold in hanging plastic baskets, but the transplant can be done to place it in another larger pot.

The ideal pots or where the ferns have a better development, are plastic pots or pots of glazed or varnished clay, they take longer to dry and prolong moisture. On the other hand, if it is cultivated with coconut powder and natural mud is used, it is very likely that moisture will be transferred.

How to grow potted ferns

Ferns are plants that require a moist substrate, so the importance of having a pot that conserves moisture from the substrate.

The transplant is very simple: pour one third of EcoSustrato® in the pot, place the fern and without breaking the roots loosens the substrate of origin. Empty more substrate around the fern leaving a space of 3 cm at the edge of the pot. Finally, water in abundance and let it drain, once it has finished draining it will be time to move it to where you have decided to place it.

When the roots have grown enough to fill the pot, it will be time to transplant. The best times to do so will be late summer early fall.


As we mentioned earlier, the ferns should be kept in a humid environment. You must be aware of the physical aspect of the substrate, if it has a dry appearance it will be time to water, remember that the pot that you choose must have drained so you can drain the surplus water.

The ferns grow more during the summer, so it is recommended to moisten the substrate both in the morning and in the afternoon. Always keep in mind the weather conditions in your area . In the winter it is when the ferns grow very little; However, it will not be important to keep the substrate humid during cold weather.


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