Generally we associate a beautiful garden with exterior, a lot of sun and summer, but what happens if you do not have that space full of grass at home, or if the patio does not get natural light or heat? The good news is that yes, you can have a green paradise inside the home thanks to the shade plants.

This type of vegetation is ideal for decorating small places, gardens with little sunlight and even offices, they only need some essential care for their optimal development and maintenance in general.

Which species are shade plants?

Shade plants are those that adapt to an environment in which there is half light (not direct, for example: next to a window) and have five main characteristics:

  1. Its flowers are small.
  2. The colors of the flowers are not very striking.
  3. Its leaves are very large (therefore they capture more sunlight).
  4. The leaves of the shade plants have an intense green color.
  5. They can also be outside! Some species support the heat very well, they only need to be under an awning or roof that provides them with the shade they need to survive.

The ferns, the trunk of Brazil, the rib of Adam, the potos and coleos are the most famous shade plants and whose cares are very similar to each other.

Care of shade plants

It is very important that shade plants never give them direct sunlight because this could burn their leaves and weaken them completely. However, it is also important that the place where they are placed has a lot of light.

Irrigation should be constant but with moderation, taking care not to drown the plant. The soil should be kept moist, exposed to the outdoors, especially on hot days. With this the dryness of the plant is avoided and the leaves begin to wither quickly.

To feed them, nothing better than to put them fertilizer (like our Nutriplant Supreme) minimum once every two months. This is like a vitamin injection for them and it will make all the seasons of the year look beautiful.




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